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Euro 2004
Match Date
17 Jun 2004

England England 3 - 0 Switzerland Switzerland
(HT: 1 - 0)

Game Details
Cidade de Coimbra, Coimbra
Valentin Ivanov (Russia)
Assistant referees
Yury Dupanau (Russia)
Vladimir Eniutin (Russia)
Match summary
Wayne Rooney inspired England to victory over a dogged Switzerland.
Rooney, 18, became the youngest player to score in a European Championship after he guided a header past Joerg Stiel from a Michael Owen cross.
On the hour Bernt Haas was red-carded and soon after Rooney's rifled shot hit the post and richocheted off keeper Stiel's head into the net.
Late on Steven Gerrard arrived to score a third when he popped up to scoop home Gary Neville's cross from the right.
Game Events
# Event Period Mins England Switzerland
1 Yellow Card First Half 18 Rooney Wayne
2 Goal First Half 23 Rooney Wayne
3 Yellow Card First Half 23 Celestini Fabio
4 Player Out Second Half 1 Chapuisat Stephane
5 Substitute In Second Half 1 Gygax Daniel
6 Yellow Card Second Half 4 Haas Bernt
7 Player Out Second Half 8 Celestini Fabio
8 Substitute In Second Half 8 Cabanas Ricardo
9 Yellow Card Second Half 15 Haas Bernt
10 Red Card Second Half 15 Haas Bernt
11 Player Out Second Half 25 Scholes Paul
12 Substitute In Second Half 25 Hargreaves Owen
13 Player Out Second Half 27 Owen Michael
14 Substitute In Second Half 27 Vassell Darius
15 Goal Second Half 31 Rooney Wayne
16 Goal Second Half 37 Gerrard Steven
17 Player Out Second Half 38 Rooney Wayne
18 Substitute In Second Half 38 Dyer Kieron
19 Player Out Second Half 38 Yakin Hakan
20 Substitute In Second Half 38 Vonlanthen Johann
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