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Euro 2004
Match Date
18 Jun 2004

Bulgaria Bulgaria 0 - 2 Denmark Denmark
(HT: 0 - 1)

Game Details
Municipal de Braga, Braga
Lucilio Cardoso Cortez Batista (Portugal)
Assistant referees
Paulo Januario (Portugal)
Jose Cardinal (Portugal)
Match summary
Jon Dahl Tomasson scored Denmark's first goal of Euro 2004 to ease them to victory against a dismal Bulgaria side who are now out of the competition.
AC Milan striker Tomasson tapped home after a piercing Thomas Gravesen pass found Martin Jorgensen, who unselfishly squared for his team-mate to score.
Jesper Gronkjaer joined the squad late because of the death of his mother and added a second with a controlled shot.
Bulgaria were poor and Stilian Petrov was sent-off to compound their misery.
Game Events
# Event Period Mins Bulgaria Denmark
1 Yellow Card First Half 4 Kirilov Rosen
2 Yellow Card First Half 10 Jensen Niclas
3 Player Out First Half 23 Rommedahl Dennis
4 Substitute In First Half 23 Gronkjaer Jesper
5 Player Out First Half 40 Petkov Ivailo
6 Substitute In First Half 40 Zagorcic Zlatomir
7 Goal First Half 44 Tomasson Jon Dahl
8 Yellow Card Second Half 5 Stoyanov Ilian
9 Player Out Second Half 6 Ivanov Vladimir
10 Substitute In Second Half 6 Lazarov Zdravko
11 Yellow Card Second Half 13 Sand Ebbe
12 Player Out Second Half 26 Jorgensen Martin
13 Substitute In Second Half 26 Jensen Claus
14 Yellow Card Second Half 32 Petrov Stilian
15 Yellow Card Second Half 35 Zagorcic Zlatomir
16 Player Out Second Half 36 Jankovic Zoran
17 Substitute In Second Half 36 Petkov Milen
18 Yellow Card Second Half 37 Petrov Stilian
19 Red Card Second Half 37 Petrov Stilian
20 Yellow Card Second Half 37 Hristov Marian
21 Yellow Card Second Half 39 Petrov Martin
22 Goal Second Half 45 Gronkjaer Jesper
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