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Euro 2004
Match Date
22 Jun 2004

Italy Italy 2 - 1 Bulgaria Bulgaria
(HT: 0 - 1)

Game Details
Alfonso D. Henriques, Guimaraes
Valentin Ivanov (Russia)
Assistant referees
Yury Dupanau (Russia)
Vladimir Eniutin (Russia)
Match summary
Italy nosedived out of Euro 2004 despite beating Group C whipping boys Bulgaria in Guimaraes.
Martin Petrov fired Bulgaria ahead from a controversial penalty on the stroke of half time.
Simone Perrotta pulled Italy level within two minutes of the restart after Antonio Cassano's shot hit the bar.
Cassano superbly converted a low cross for Italy's injury time winner but Sweden's 2-2 draw with Denmark rendered their victory academic.
Game Events
# Event Period Mins Italy Bulgaria
1 Yellow Card First Half 44 Materazzi Marco
2 Goal (penalty) First Half 45 Petrov Martin
3 Yellow Card First Half 45 Petrov Martin
4 Yellow Card Second Half 1 Bojinov Valeri
5 Player Out Second Half 1 Jankovic Zoran
6 Substitute In Second Half 1 Bojinov Valeri
7 Goal Second Half 3 Perrotta Simone
8 Player Out Second Half 8 Corradi Bernardo
9 Substitute In Second Half 8 Vieri Christian
10 Player Out Second Half 19 Pazin Predrag
11 Substitute In Second Half 19 Kotev Kiril
12 Yellow Card Second Half 21 Stoyanov Ilian
13 Player Out Second Half 23 Perrotta Simone
14 Substitute In Second Half 23 Oddo Massimo
15 Player Out Second Half 34 Hristov Marian
16 Substitute In Second Half 34 Dimitrov Velizar
17 Yellow Card Second Half 36 Lazarov Zdravko
18 Player Out Second Half 38 Materazzi Marco
19 Substitute In Second Half 38 Di Vaio Marco
20 Goal Second Half 45 Cassano Antonio
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