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Euro 2004
Match Date
26 Jun 2004

Sweden Sweden 0 - 0 Netherlands Netherlands
(HT: 0 - 0)
After extra time. The Netherlands win the penalty shoot-out 5-4.

Game Details
Algarve, Faro-Loule
Lubos Michel (Slovakia)
Assistant referees
Igor Sramka (Slovakia)
Martin Balko (Slovakia)
Match summary
Holland reached the semi-finals with a 5-4 penalty shoot-out win over Sweden.
The inspirational Arjen Robben scored the winning penalty after Edwin van der Sar saved Olof Mellberg's spot-kick.
Swedish keeper Andreas Isaksson had kept his side in the game, though he enjoyed some luck as well, notably when a Robben shot hit the post.
Sweden also hit the woodwork first through a Henrik Larsson volley and then Fredrik Ljungberg's low shot, but Holland were worthy winners.
Game Events
# Event Period Mins Sweden Netherlands
1 Yellow Card First Half 30 De Boer Frank
2 Player Out First Half 35 De Boer Frank
3 Substitute In First Half 35 Bouma Wilfred
4 Yellow Card Second Half 3 Van der Meyde Andy
5 Yellow Card Second Half 13 Ibrahimovic Zlatan
6 Player Out Second Half 16 Davids Edgar
7 Substitute In Second Half 16 Heitinga John
8 Player Out Second Half 20 Jonson Mattias
9 Substitute In Second Half 20 Wilhelmsson Christian
10 Player Out Second Half 36 Svensson Anders
11 Substitute In Second Half 36 Kallstrom Kim
12 Player Out Second Half 42 Van der Meyde Andy
13 Substitute In Second Half 42 Makaay Roy
14 Yellow Card Second Half 43 Ostlund Alexander
15 Yellow Card Extra Time #2 11 Makaay Roy
Penalty shoot-out
16 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 1-0 Kallstrom Kim
17 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 1-1 Van Nistelrooy Ruud
18 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 2-1 Larsson Henrik
19 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 2-2 Heitinga John
20 Penalty miss Penalties 2-2 Ibrahimovic Zlatan
21 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 2-3 Reiziger Michael
22 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 3-3 Ljungberg Fredrik
23 Penalty miss Penalties 3-3 Cocu Phillip
24 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 4-3 Wilhelmsson Christian
25 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 4-4 Makaay Roy
26 Penalty miss Penalties 4-4 Mellberg Olof
27 Goal (shoot-out) Penalties 4-5 Robben Arjen
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