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Euro 2008 Qualifiers



Wed, 28 Mar 2007

Home Div Home Team H-A Away Team
Group A Azerbaijan 1-0 Finland
Group A Poland 1-0 Armenia
Group A Serbia 1-1 Portugal
Group B Georgia 3-1 Faroe Islands
Group B Italy 2-0 Scotland
Group B Ukraine 1-0 Lithuania
Group C Hungary 2-0 Moldova
Group C Malta 0-1 Greece
Group C Turkey 2-2 Norway
Group D Czech Republic 1-0 Cyprus
Group D Republic of Ireland 1-0 Slovakia
Group D Wales 3-0 San Marino
Group E Andorra 0-3 England
Group E Israel 4-0 Estonia
Group F Liechtenstein 1-0 Latvia
Group F Northern Ireland 2-1 Sweden
Group F Spain 1-0 Iceland
Group G Bulgaria 0-0 Albania
Group G Romania 3-0 Luxembourg
Group G Slovenia 0-1 Netherlands

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