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Please note that the Sportgraph data files for the seasons from 2000-01 onwards will no longer be maintained. The reason for this is that the updating was taking a lot of my time and as the site has expanded (including the production of video clips), I just don't have the time to keep on doing this updating. Also it seems that not a lot of people were visiting this page to make it worth the effort. However, if you would like to have this section back in service, let me know and I may reconsider my decision.

The graph will display a victory with a '/', a draw with a '-' and a loss with a '\'. The line for each team is drawn using two different colors. To display another league, double click it in the league list. This will also display ALL the teams in the league. This list can become a little bit messy if there are many teams, therefore you can choose to display only the teams selected in the teams list. You could, for example, select only your favourite team to check its progress, or you could select a few teams to see how they compare with each other.

The java applet, which runs this graph, was developed by Magnus Lundgren and is used here with his kind permission.

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