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As a rule the site is updated daily. During weekdays it is normally updated the morning after the previous evening's games, usually by 10 a.m. (Cyprus local time which is GMT+2) although sometimes I may be able to update it soon after the end of the games. Both the statistics provided by SoccerSheet and WebSheet and the statistics provided by TeamStats are updated simultaneously during weekdays since the games which are being played are usually few and the uploading process does not take a long time.

During weekends however when a lot more games are being played the updating process is as follows:

  • The statistics provided by TeamStats will be updated as soon as possible, soon after the final results are known, the latest update being by 10 a.m. (Cyprus local time) the following morning (when there are games which are being played late in the evening). This update will be provided even if a league round is not fully completed.
  • The statistics provided by SoccerSheet and WebSheet will be updated as soon as a league round is completed. As you probably know a particular league round may span two or three days over the course of a weekend and it is not practicable for me to update the SoccerSheet league tables before the round is completed. Therefore the SoccerSheet statistics will be updated as soon as a league round is completed and in any case by Monday morning at the latest (even if there are some games of a league round left to be played on a Monday evening).

Therefore during weekends you can catch the latest results by using the Team Statistics link and you can get the full picture of the weekend's games by using the Division links from Monday onwards. The latest update date will be shown next to the relevant links.

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