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Euro2000 European Championship
In the year 2000 Belgium and the Netherlands jointly hosted the final round of the European Football Championship. On 10th June 2000, the renewed King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels was the venue for the opening match, whereas the final tie was staged on 2nd July 2000 in the Feijenoord Stadium in Rotterdam. Other matches in Belgium were played in Charleroi, Bruges and Liege and in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Eindhoven. For the first time in the history of football two countries had been entrusted with the joint organization of the third sports event in the world. The example was imitated by FIFA (World Football Association) by conferring the organization of the World Cup 2002 to two nations as well, namely Japan and South-Korea.

In these pages you can find results and tables information of the qualifying competition which led to this great sporting event. Also provided is a wealth of information about the finals tournament including the fixtures details, team details, player details and match details which will also include links to video clips of each game's action (these were later removed because of copyright infringement).

Because of the importance of this event I' ve decided to prepare a separate site to present all the information. Click the image below to access the site.

Euro 2000
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